Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Puddu is ready with his brand new project

The Moonfires . Alex wrote, arranged, produced, and recorded the album’s nine tracks. Expect soul dynamite with afro-funk references. Probably the blackest sound Alex has ever done.

The album features Alex Puddu on electric guitar, keeping the spirit high and the hypnotizing groove right on top along with Danish/Jamaican lead singer Duane Hobson’s great vocals that bring you back to the seventies funky names like Black Heat, Tribes, New Birth, War, Mandrill etc…

Duane and Alex co-wrote the lyrics on the title track “Black Sugar”, the soulful 45 single “Such a Bad Girl”, “Sexy Lady” and the ballad “Don’t Let The Shadow”. Followed by instrumental groovy tracks like “You Got Me Funky”, “Feel the Heat”, “On the Wire”, and “Love Rollercoaster”.

On the drums is the charismatic and brilliant lady Heidi Luke. Gavino Congiatta plays bass. And on piano, organ, and synth is Massimo Fiorentino.

Additional musicians on the album are Morten Grønvad (congas and percussion), Jesper Løvdal (saxophone and flute), and Hendrik Jørgensen (trumpet) – all of them devoted Alex Puddu-players from the earlier albums Registrazioni al Buio and The Golden Age of Danish Pornography vol. 1 & 2.


A Note on bandleader Alex Puddu


You got to feel the heat when you listen to Alex Puddu's new work with the project The Moonfires.

A treat – for soul brothers and soul sisters of all colours, shapes and sizes.

From the first burst to the last blast, a roaring rampage of revenge of the rhythms.

A sizzling sensation, a musical massacre marathon.

It’s for vinyl vixens, spiritual sailors, existential pimps, teenage runaways and strong men with broken hearts and noses.

It’s for the ones who have had enough of the man. It’s afrotastic, it mixes the erotic with the exotic.

It will never surrender; flirting with fate, dancing with death, mixing it up.

A 44 calibre record that asks you the ultimate question: “Do you feel lucky? Well do you, brother?”

So – who is Alex Puddu?

Decades of experience. Centuries of heritage.

A lethal cocktail of sinful soul and busty beats, sultry soundscapes and juvenile delinquency jazz.

Previous sins include the soundtracks for vintage 1970’s pornographic loops The Golden Age of Danish Pornography volume 1 and 2, – a project that is lost in time and has lost its mind – and a nifty collaboration with giallo-legend Edda dell’Orso on the album Registrazioni al Buio released through Schema Records, and recently a project with the king of Latin Soul from the Bronx, Joe Bataan, on Soul Tiger. Puddu has performed for the underworld and underground. Recently contributing to the Orgasmo film series, providing the perfect backdrop for the wild, wild world of the Go Go Gorilla, Puddu goes everywhere, burns the map and breaks the rules, speeding down the highway to Hell or the road to ruin, picking up hitchhikers, hostages and countrymen on the way. After all, you are either in or in the way.

You ain’t seen nothing... yet!

Thomas Eikrem


The Moonfires

Alex Puddu Electric Guitars Backing Vocals

Duane Hobson Lead Vocal

Heidi Luke Drums

Massimo Fiorentino El Piano, Organ,Synth

Gavino Congiatta Bass






Alex Puddu is one of the most direct and creative artists and composers of our day; a multi-instrumentalist with

visions and skills. He was born in Rome in 1967 and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1987.

He began his music career as a drummer at the age of fifteen. He is truly devoted to the Italian vintage

sound of the giallo/polizziottesco and horror movies from the early seventies: Jazz/percussiv

phsych-groove. His work is inspired by soudtrck maestros such as Piccioni, Umiliani Cipriani,

Morricone, Ferrio, De Masi, and Micalizzi.

The Butterfly Collectors

In 2004, Alex Puddu signed with Danish label April Records and released his first cinematic/jazzy album

Chasing The Scorpion's Tail with the band Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors

and the album The Silence of the Sun and The Rhythm of the Rain the following year.

Over the next few years Alex released three more albums with The Butterfly Collectors: - Songs for the Sleepers (2006) on the label Sonet/Universal; a very dark and personal album for Alex released only on Cd and very rare to find to these days.

- Mechanism and Technique (2008) in a limited edition of only 150 vinyls. Featuring some of the greatest artists

from the Danish scene at the time: Silas Bjerregaard of Turboweekend, Duane Hobson, Kenneth Thordal,

Mathilde Lunderskov, Tobias Buch-Andersen, and Peter Peter. Released on Alex' own label Al Dente.

- Myrrh (2010) also a release from Al Dente


In 2010, Alex recorded his first solo album; the soundtrack Hell is Other People. A Danish short film about a young man

suffering from schizophrenia. The album is written, performed

and produced by Alex at home and every instrument is played

by hand; a little miracle. Cool, interesting sound. Slow-psych blues mood.

The Golden Age of Danish Pornography

2011 became a turning point. Alex recorded the soundtrack The Golden Age of Danish Pornography.

He wrote, performed, and recorded new material to recreate the sound for a collection of vintage hardcore short films from the early seventies, directed by Danish porn pioneer Freddy Weiss. The album was released in Denmark by Al Dente, only on vinyl and with an X-rated cover. It made some noise...

The fine Italian jazz/groove label Schema Records/Ishtar heard The Golden Age of Danish Pornography and released an international version of the album (minus the X-rated cover photo!) in 2012. This initiated an ongoing and fruitful collaboration between Schema and Alex.

Collaborations and new projects

An old dream came true when Schema managed to introduce Alex to the legendary Morricone singer Edda dell'Orso.

The collaboration and following friendship between Alex and dell'Orso resulted in the album Registrazioni al Buio (Schema 2013) featuring Edda dell'Orso's vocal on three tracks along with her husband Giacomo dell'Orso on piano on the track "Il Mare Dietro la Porta".

Alex composed, performed, and produced the well-acclaimed The Golden Age of Danish Pornography Volume 2 (Schema 2014)

In February 2014, Alex started recordings for his first soul album together with session musicians at the Schema Studio in Milan, Italy. In early spring he made a trip to New York City to meet with the legendary Bronx Latin-soul singer Joe Bataan. Bataan did vocals on three tracks for

what was to become the album Soul Tiger (2015).

In 2015, after the release of Soul Tiger, Alex is ready with a brand new project: The Moonfires.

Yet again, Alex wrote, arranged, produced, and recorded the album’s nine tracks for The Moonfires album Black Sugar

(2015, Al Dente). The sound has afro-funk and soul references.

Probably the blackest sound he has ever done.

By autumn 2015, the sixth solo album from Alex Puddu will be released by Schema Records

In The Eye of The Cat is the second part of the Puddu/Dell'Orso trilogy