Alex Puddu pull the ace with the new album The Gambler with a strong set of songs with inspiration from early 60’eres sound of doo-wop, vocal harmonies and R’n’b, with jazz- og surf reference.

On the album there’s special guest appearance

vocalist Steffen Westmark from garage pop band The Blue Van, Duane Hobson from Puddu's soul project The Moonfires, rockabilly vocalist from Taggy Tones Jess Rasmussen,Max Locci and Ennio Morricone’s legendry vocalist Edda dell’Orso also known for the 60’er og 70’ soundtracks. The Album will be released on Al dente on Nov 5



Breaking the Rules is Alex Puddu first single from the upcoming album " The Gambler"

New Album Release

Alex Puddu has released on his label Al Dente a reissue of the soundtrack of The Golden Age of Danish Pornography, released for the first time

in 2011, by Al Dente 500 limited copies and then on Schema Records. The new album release have the original censured X-rated Danish Cover and contains three bonus tracks from the recording session

New Video

The new video of the single "Thunder Road " written and produced by Alex Puddu for his funky projct "The Moonfires" is out now

New Album Out 20 April

The Moonfires - Gotta Keep It Rollin

Alex Puddu will release a new album with his soul-mates

The Moonfires on April 20. The album is written and produced by Alex Puddu and will be released on vinyl on the artist label

Al Dente, and on digital on Schema Records